Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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You’ve Been Bad – Short Horror Review

Writer : Craig Fisher
Directed : Craig Fisher
Producer : Liam Hobbs
Cast : Matthew Campbell, Dominic Huntley

Synopsis : He’s been waiting all night for Daddy, but what come home is not what Jack expected..

Review :

If you are a fan of 80’s horror then this little gem is for you. We have the character of Jack ( Campbell) who is in bed waiting for his dad to come home from work, however when Jack thinks he has just let his dad in the house, he may be in a bit of trouble

Campbell is great in this, a natural in front of the camera and is believable in his acting. Huntley plays the dad/thing that Jack has let in the house. It is a gory looking monster but played brilliantly.

This looks and feels like a cross between the Twilight Zone and CreepShow

Great atmosphere in the setting and scenes and a fun one to watch.

Make sure you check it out by following the link below

You’ve Been Bad