Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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Week of Horror Day 7 – Natalie Addams

For our final day for Week of Horror we asked Make Up Artist Natalie Addams her favourite and scariest movies. This is what she had to say :

I had always had a passion for the theatrics within film and theatre, but the genre of horror really took my passion to the extreme.

My first real taste of the exceptional was when I was lucky enough to attend a special effects conference many many moons ago and had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Tom Savini. I was in awe, totally fan girling and acting all sheepish. Such great classics as Dawn of the dead, Day of the Dead skyrocketed my passion. How can that much talent be in one man.

I have also loved the horrors of the 70’s and 80’s. Their attention to details on the make-up and prosthetics front hands downs beats todays CGI attempts. I want to see the creativity and the painstakingly time taken to transform a humble human into some grotesque creature from the depths of hell. I want to see my imagination come to life on screen through lip stick, sugar syrup and latex.

I pretty much love anything Savini has had a foothold in, even if the end product was less than desirable. For me, the saving grace of many a horror is the attention to detail on the special effects front That can make or break a film.

Another huge favourite of mine are H. P Lovecraft’s Re-Animator series of film’s. The make-up department, costumes and artistic licence was just heaven for me. Given me any cheesy horror any day.