Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

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Week Of Horror Day 5 – Maura Stephens

Now we here at Lestat Horror have our favourites that we have reviewed and interviewed over the years, and Maura is one of those we adore. She is down to earth and a pleasure to always chat to. So how excited are we that she is doing our week of horror with us!!!! Lets find out what she chose.

My favourite horror film is The Haunting directed by Robert Wise. I was fascinated with ghosts as a child and I remember the first or so time that I watched it I was so young that I was holding onto a doll of mine during it .. until I most likely abandoned her for my mom’s homemade popcorn! So we go waayyy back.

Delicious script, stunning black and white cinematography, brilliant casting, and still spooky after all these years. Every detail is impeccable to me.

Trying to come up with the scariest horror film I’ve seen gives me pause and I’ll tell you why. Two or so years ago I finally got around to watching The Deer Hunter and I think that was the first time I’ve ever said out loud ‘I don’t think I can handle this’ while watching a film. There’s a particular scene that I felt all through my body. It was pure orror to me. So when I think ‘scariest’ I keep going back to that, because most moments of being scared during horror films now pale in comparison. But The Deer Hunter is not classified as horror, so! Continuing with the theme of the paranormal.

The Woman in Black (1989) gave me reoccurring nightmares as a child and will still get under my skin, and Ghostwatch (1992) is also sublime. I actually just watched the latter last night and there’s a ghost called Pipes in it, and after the credits I was like, ‘right, now Pipes is behind my shower curtain or in this or that corner of my apartment.’ If you haven’t seen it, get your paws on it, it’s a real gem