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Week of Horror Day 4- Andrew JD Robinson


We don’t need to introduce you to Andrew JD Robinson here at Lestat Horror as his short films are like part of the furniture here. We love reviewing them and are looking forward to his feature film soon. Now back to what his favourite Horror film is and what is his Scarest :

My favourite horror film is “The Silence of the Lambs”. Amidst its momentous entertainment and very focused narrative techniques, I find Clarice’s character arc is poignant to the genre itself, and what is a horror movie?

Horror movies, when done right, are exercises and exorcises of ‘trauma’. Take Clarice: she was introduced a childhood trauma where she woke up to the sounds of screaming lambs being slaughtered, and despite desperate efforts to free and save them, she couldn’t.

Throughout her life, she experiences PTSD nightmares of the screaming lambs, which she equated to the sounds of children’s voices, hoping she’ll silence them if she rescues enough people as an FBI agent. Clarice uses her trauma to avenge others’ pain unlike her rogues gallery who are walking examples of dysfunction; vengeance, sadism, greed, and power.

Poetically, in order for her to conquer a monster of unprecedented sophisticated evil, she must go back into the heart of darkness and face her demons in order to ‘stop the lambs from screaming’ once and for all


The scariest horror film that’s still as effective for me as it was when I first saw it back in 2008 is the criminally underrated drama/horror mockumentary “Lake Mungo”

I found, through its unassuming delivery and twists, its dread and tension crept up on me until it coalesced into a crescendo which, for fans of the film, refer to as ‘that scene’. It’s a rare kind of terror I’ve felt from a film that made me scared to rewind yet I was compelled to immediately.

There’s many films that are scary and that I’ll put in the hall of fame of scary even if I’ve grown apart from how much they scare me ‘anymore, but “Lake Mungo”, even when I see thumbnails of the film, induces nervousness.

It’s one of those films I can’t just casually put on ‘in the background’, because for me it feels haunted

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