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We Know You Are Home – Short Horror Review

Writer/ Director : Andrew JD Robinson
Cast : Julie Landriault, Johnny Elston, Ricky Elston, Daniel Elston, and Don Lee.  ft. Samuel Ingram Gillmore, Dimitri Abdulnour, and Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith

FX by : Alina Sauve!


Synopsis : After the tragic disappearances of three trick r’ treaters years ago, Halloween celebrations are at an all-time low. 20s-something Alice takes on a housesitting gig on All Hallows’ eve, expecting easy money while watching horror movies, however, the last thing she was expecting was to have visitors.



A while ago i wrote a review for Trick r’Treat on here that was submitted to a festival comp. Now Andrew has given me the full length short to watch and boy was i in for a roller coaster ride again.

At the beginning we meet lovely Alice, who has just come back to her car to find three posters of children that have gone missing over Halloween during previous years.

She doesn’t think too much about it but looks over the posters, and as she begins her car journey, she receives a phone call to house sit for the woman on the end of the line.  She is given the code to get in, and it seems no problem for Alice, who will just sit and watch a movie on the tv. There are a few rules she has to abide by which again seems acceptable to her. Oh and one other thing, she finds a note on the table at the house, asking her to give out the candy to the Trick r’Treaters.

Sitting watching a classic ( Night of the living dead) she seems right at home, until the door goes. When she answers there are what we can sense, the missing children, under sheets. ( We can assume they are dead)

Before i return to the review i would just like to mention Julie Landriault. She should win an award in her own right for her portrayal of Alice. I don’t act, but i can tell it must be very hard to act a scene when you are the only person in it and there is no other character to play off. Yet Landriault has turned this into an art. She portrays Alice as someone you would know or meet in your every day scenarios, yet she is able to express calmness then show us fear, without uttering a word. She is an actress to keep an eye out for.


Back to the review…

Alice decides to turn out the lights when the boys disappear, in hope they all now leave her alone and think she is out. Unfortunately for her, the boys are not letting her get away that easy. A message on the window proves that.


We don’t see the boys faces ( We only see them on the posters) But they did an amazing job at giving creepiness to the scenes. The make up on their hands was so realistic it added to the dread you feel watching it.

Now here is where it changed for me (It’s a good job Andrew lives in a different country or i would throw something at his head!!) Andrew owns Workobey films and he has managed to scare me with a few of his horror shorts. I would also love to point out i am a horror writer and don’t scare that ease YET by the end of this horror short i not only felt physically sick because my stomach lurched when it all started to make sense of where the boys were, but Julie screaming (Don’t watch with headphones on high volume) almost gave me an anxiety attack!


I am not going to spoil the ending of what happened to the boys and who it was that took them, but it is a fantastic plot twist that really gives the short a great ending.

You can watch below and also there are links you can follow

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Alina Sauve (Make up, SFX)

Andrew J.D Robinson (Workobey Films) 

Andrew J.D Robinson (Instagram) 

Watch – We know you are home

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