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We Are The Missing – Review June 2020


Writer: Andrew J.D Robinson 
Director: Andrew J.D Robinson 
Cast : Maissa Houri, Mark Templin, Willow Mcgregor and Chantel little 

Synopsis : The scariest nightmares are the ones you can wake up to in “We Are The Missing“; a drama/horror mockumentary following The Madisons’ desperate search for their missing daughter


You will all know Andrew J.D Robinson extremely well here now, we have not only interviewed him, but also reviewed many of his horror shorts. This is his debut in feature films so was very excited to see what he had come up with.

This had a budget of $300 and had been in development since 2016. After a hiatus and then quarantine happening this year, he ploughed through to get this finished.

What i like about this film is that is was a ‘Community’ effort. He couldn’t have done it without the 110+ members from the industry (Not just locally but internationally) and maybe that is what makes his fictitious city of D’Arcadia believable.

Now onto the film itself….

This is a mockumentary which i would put into the Psychological/Drama/Paranormal catergory. Riley ( Little) who should be in classes is found to be missing by her Mother ( Houri) and her best friend Mackenzie ( Mcgregor). The question is, did she leave in the middle of the night? Did she leave on her own accord or was she taken?

I have a fascination with watching youtube channels of disappearances. Where do these people go? How is it no one comes forward to say they witnessed something? How can these people simply disappear into thin air, sadly most of them never seen again?. What about the people left behind. The grief, the turmoil and the feeling of being useless when all they want to do is keep searching, but life must go on right?

In D’Arcadia, the residents have much more to worry about, because not only do Rileys parents go missing, but so do thousands more people in the city.

This is heavily influenced by Lake Mungo but it has it’s own original twists and turns.  A great choice in actors, many are so natural in front of a camera ( Houri and Templin come to mind) that i forgot i wasn’t watching one of those youtube documentaries, and that i was watching a mockumentary.

A slow burn to start with that turns into something creepy. I think what makes it more so, is the fact of how many people do go missing in life. It’s reality mixed with horror/paranormal that gets under your skin and makes you have a lot of ‘What If’s’ moments.

If a movie makes you think, then it has to have been shot well, this was, considering the budget it had. We don’t get to actually see anyone being taken, whe aren’t told why they were chosen, we don’t get to see ‘Mikey’  (Riley’s imaginary friend) but maybe that is what gives this film its creepiness factor. We fear the unknown.


This doesn’t have a happy ending, but then if it did, i think it would have thrown the film into a different direction, and not one that Robinson wanted to go for

This film can be seen on Robinson’s YouTube channel, do go take a look as this is a great debut feature.

A creepy, gem that will haunt your nightmares…especially your waking ones.