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Trick r’ Treat – Short Horror Review -2018



Written/ Director –  Andrew JD Robinson
FX by Alina Sauve

Cast – Julie Landriault, Johnny Elston, Ricky Elston, and Daniel Elston

Tagline – Aren’t trick r’ treaters supposed to say “Trick r’ Treat”


Review – 

It’s nearly Halloween and this little gem comes from Andrew JD Robinson (WORKOBEY Films). Who has become an honorary family member of Lestat Horror.

This short has been entered into the online @Jakobowens Short Horror Film Contest and i am certain it will do well.

It is shot partly in Black and White and then goes into colour. There is no dialogue in this short, and it should be shown in all film schools as a perfect example of ‘Show don’t tell’

The plot is an intriguing one. There seems to be three missing children in the area. A woman (Julie Landriault ) finds the missing posters on the windscreen of her car. Later when she is home, the doorbell goes, when she answers, we see three children standing there, dressed in white sheets to look like the cliche ghost.They hold up the missing posters of the  missing children.

What can we learn from this? It seems the woman may have a lot to do with the children’s disappearance, why else would she keep being subjected to seeing the posters?
As the children have white sheets over them, do we assume they are no longer alive?


This is the first time i have really seen and got to notice Julie Landriault. I am sure, due to her comfortable and believable acting skills she has been in others ( it’s hard to find actors that can do a silent film and be able to bring through the film, every aspect of emotion the director needed.).

The children Johnny Elston, Ricky Elston, and Daniel Elston were only seen on posters, though they were under the sheets at the door. They didn’t need speaking parts and their faces didn’t need to be seen. That scene at the front door  captured everything needed. When they held up the missing posters of themselves it gives you shivers.

Camera angles were artistic and the soundtrack playing in background added to the creepiness of the whole thing. A fantastic two minute short that is well worth a look.

A great way to start off your Halloween night of movies


Good Luck to Andrew in the Competition from Lestat horror

You can see the short by following the link below.

Trick r’ Treat


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