Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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Tough As Nails – Short Horror Review 2018


Director Isabel Estabrook
Writer: Stephen Gagne
Cast: Julie Landriault, Blake Canning, with the voice of David Plouffe

Sysnopsis: Young lovers in need of a vacation soon learn that their host has different plans for them.


I have had the pleasure of reviewing a movie with Landriault in before, so was very happy to see she had been cast in this Horror Short.

This is the tale of to lovers that go away for a vacation, but soon wish they hadn’t. Everything is fine until they hear sounds in the house they are staying in and they find a padlocked door (that would be me outta there!).

Going for a walk on an adventure trail only adds to the messed up plot they have got themselves into.

Landriault and Canning work really well together and appear comfortable in front of the camera. The camera angels are well done (Something i can’t help look out for in a movie) In fact Gagne has done a superb job with the writing and Estabrook has done a fantastic job with the directing.

This would be in my top 5 of creepy horror shorts. The voice of Plouffe makes it that much creepier. The whole tone of the movie would be brilliant as a feature. It is certainly something i would love to see happen.

I don’t want to give too much away because i want you all to track this down and watch it with the lights out. The ending will leave you open mouthed.

The moral of this is : Don’t vacation in the middle of nowhere and don’t go hiking in the woods…oh and check the house before you stay there!

Payten Autumn