Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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The Only Thing I Love More Than You Is Ranch Dressing – Short Horror Review 2018

Written : Sydney Clara Brafman
Director : Sydney Clara Brafman
Cast : Madison McGhee and James Soller 

Synopsis :  Fancy going to a bar for a bite to eat? Just make sure your fingers aren’t on the course 


As you all know, i had the pleasure of being one of the judges in the 15 second horror film festival this year again, I know Brafman entered this horror short because i remember the title, it’s long but it’s one of those you won’t forget


This one is a unique one, I know for certain it is not something i will see in again for a while if ever!. We have a couple sitting together at a bar, about to eat some chicken wings. Heavy Metal is playing in the background, the beer is flowing and every thing seems okay.

UNTIL.. The man starts to feed his female companion, she takes a few bites and then bites off  his finger.

When this happened i had the same face as the poor man did!!

This is one of those hidden gems you find and as soon as you have watched it, you have to share it to all your friends so they can watch it, then spend the rest of the day going “Mate, WTF did i just watch”!

In other words, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

The actors were fantastic and i have to say at the end when McGhee just sits there looking around, blood all over her mouth and then picks up her beer is horrifically funny.  Lestat Horror wants to see more from Brafman and soon!

Watch this.. and by the way.. You’ve got red on you.

Payten Autumn