Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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The Midnight Jester -Short Horror Review

Written : Craig Fisher
Directed : Craig Fisher
Produced Liam Hobbs
Cast : Julia Spencer, Thomas Bowen

Synopsis : Jenny is heading home after work when her night takes a terrifying turn with the arrival of a stranger, dressed as a Jester.

Review :

This horror short got me excited as soon as i saw the title and Craig told me it was based on a creepypasta. Now anything loosely based on a creepypasta will always get my attention.

This has to be one of the creepiest i have seen so far in the ‘Creepypasta based on’ category. You know when you watch a scary film and you find you are shouting at the tv screen? Yep that was me with this one. It has such a tense atmosphere about it that it needs to be taken outside and burned!!

Spencer is perfectly cast as Jenny, though if i were her i would have screamed and ran or dropped kicked him as soon as i heard the creepy laugh and saw the Jester (Bowen …no just NO! you play him too scary for my liking.) Also what is with that little ventriloquist dummy?!?! and the voice??!

“We want to play with you” Erm no thanks creepy satan jester…not today. Even the ending is in creepsville land

Craig Fisher has a lot to answer for with this one…. but we really do want more of it!!

This freaked me out so much that i am not only watching it again, but i am going to make all you lot watch it too.. Go to the link below!

Happy Nightmares!

The Midnight Jester