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The Horror Movie Awards. – 2019


I remember it well… I was six years old and was about to watch my first horror movie. It was The Fog – (1980). I sat on the stairs terrified yet intrigued. You would think most children would have run away crying after witnessing the scenes that played out on the tv screen, scared as i was, i stayed till the end, wondering when i could watch my next horror. From that moment i was hooked on the horror genre, any book or movie i could get my hands on would be thoroughly watched and read.

Le Manoir du Diable ( 1896)  is classed as being the very first horror movie, which although wouldn’t be classed as scary these days, had cutting special effects for its day. Peeping Tom ( 1960) could be classed as one of the first psychological horrors that used POV to show the serial killer murdering his victims through the lens of his video camera.

Why do we love Horror so much? We love being scared is the answer, the anxious feeling in the stomach we get when we see the serial slasher chasing his/her victims through each scene, but we have control of it, we can hide behind a pillow, turn away and switch it off, or watch with baited breath at every gory scene….will at least one person survive the horror?

Horror has come a long way and each year is bringing new and original ideas in the genre, especially in the Indie industry.

You all know that Andrew J.D Robinson (15 second horror film challenge) is featured often on here as we review a lot of his short horror films. Now he has come up with The Horror Movie Awards

So what exactly are the awards about?

The Horror Movie Awards, Is the first non-profit movie awards that has been founded and  programmed by 15 Second Horror Film Challenge’s Andrew J.D. Robinson, and it celebrates the best in horror voted by YOU!

For this year’s inaugural season The Horror Movie Awards is showcasing the best horror films across this decade. Anyone from around the world can vote.

Results will arrive on December 30th on Facebook and Youtube

To vote go to …..

The Horror Movie Awards Voting 

To see the results on December 30th you can see them here…. and best of all, Malvolia – Queen of Screams will be hosting.

The Horror Movie Awards Facebook

The Horror Movie Awards YouTube 

Go and put your vote in NOW!!!

Sweet Nightmares!
Payten Autumn Xx