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The Crows of Culver – Short Horror Review 2018


Writer : Robert Krisch
Director : Robert Krisch
Cast : Sadie Krisch, Robert Krisch, Lauren Krisch and Max Krisch with Lisa Marie Desai, Bradley Warden

Synopsis: The Crows of Culver chronicles the final year in the lives of the Turner family – carnival rides, rock collecting, trick or treating, & demonic possession.

Review :

I had the pleasure of Judging the best actress this year for the 15 second horror film challenge and Sadie Krisch came in 2nd place out of 10. This was only by viewing a little tiny part of this horror short. So as you will know, i got excited to finally see the whole thing.

What i love about this film is the way the whole family have come together to make this. Filming and editing can be a hard and gruelling task, and what they have ended up with is a masterpiece.

We have all seen demonic possession films before, but what makes this stand out is, they are such a beautiful family together that you really don’t want anything to happen to them. The children (Max and Sadie) are so cute and we are watching their everyday activities and fun days out ( I know real footage was used in some of this film of their actual days together – a genius move because they forget the camera is there)

So what we have is the story of the Turner family who are enjoying life with their two children, until one day while they are all out in the car, a crow hits the windscreen. This is where the film changes. Is it psychological? Is it a haunting? Is it Paranormal? It is all of these elements in one film.

Think Hitchcock meets Blair Witch meets The Children,

Max had the best idea in this film and hid under the bed…many times when Sadie became possessed my immediate response was “Not today tiny Satan”

The sheer panic of Lauren and Robert not knowing where Max is or what the hell is wrong with Sadie is believable, a fear every parent could have.

The camera shots were fantastic, looking around the house from the cameras point of view gave it a very creepy vibe. The scenes fitted together perfectly and adding touches of black and white scenes really worked.

This film is the stuff of nightmares, and if their expectations were to totally freak me out…it worked!

I would love to see a feature length with them in the future and Robert is a director to watch out for because he is going places .

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