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The Crossing – Short Horror Review 2018



Writer :Thomas Haley
Director : Thomas Haley
Producer : Thomas Haley and Alex T Hwang
Cast : Brooklyn Haley, Victoria De Mare, Charles Chudabala, Felissa Rose, Lara Jean, Kevin Caliber, Al Burke, Alex T Hwang, Patricia Esquerra, Bill Williams and Thomas Haley


The Urban Legend of a killer bride who takes her revenge to stop couples having any happiness that crosses her path.


This little beauty is another first for me, it is the first time i get to review a short by Thomas HaleyIt was the synopsis of the film that got my attention first. I love urban legends so was eager to see how this had been portrayed.

Killer bride takes her revenge, it may sound cliche, but trust me, it is if far from it. The plot is one i haven’t seen before. Using a crossing to set the film around is bother clever and original.

So who is our killer bride? She is played by De Mare and she slips into her character with ease. The make up looks fantastic. The complete hatred in her face for anyone she comes across that could be happy comes through the screen so you are sitting there thinking “Jesus Christ i wouldn’t like to meet her on a dark night”.

The rest of the characters are written well and each actor should be proud of their performance. My favourite scene is with De Mare and Chudabala, I have never jumped so much in all my life.

Camera angles were perfect for the tone and plot. it was as if we were just watching someones life unfold before our eyes.

If you don’t watch this little gem then you deserve a trip to the crossing itself. This should win a good few awards and be in many film festivals… IT NEEDS TO BE SEEN

All i can say is Thomas Haley is the new king of jump scares,

Jump?…I spilt all my coffee down me!!

Payten Autumn,