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The Becky Carmichael Fan Club – Review 2018


Workobey Films Presents

Writer & Director : Andrew J D Robinson 

Cast : Gabrielle Banville, Tristan McIntosh, Maissa Houri-Charron, and Dean Perseo ft. Maura Stephens, Jennifer Trudrung, Richard Groen, Julianne Carioto, Caren MacNevin, Catherine Mary Clark, Chelsea Quinn, Aileigh Karson, and Julie Landriault.

Two siblings trying to stay above water from a turbulent past, find themselves in deep waters after Becky is targeted from something that’s scratching the surface

Review :

Once again i had the pleasure of reviewing an Andrew J D Robinson film.  I asked him recently how he keeps doing it, because each film he gives us, no matter how short, is even better than the previous one (He hasn’t given me any of his secrets yet)

The Becky Carmichael Fan Club is a 33.40 minute film ( In black and white.. my favourite) . Robinson has the ability to make his films with such depth that they drag you into them within minutes of pressing play.

The opening scene is of a small abode that has its windows boarded up, we can assume it is where Becky and her brother Jesse lived as children, An oppressive looking place that no one would want to live in.

We then hear Becky humming one of her tunes, it is hauntingly beautiful and it’s here that the film grabs you.

Jesse has come home after being away to sort himself out, and we see the siblings catching up. This is where is starts to get strange. The films tagline is ‘Never Google yourself’ and we are going to find out why soon, as Becky receives 81 friend requests on her social media. Becky is a singer and seems to be in a dark place and she can’t sing now.  She says that if you really have sunshine in you, then it’s not safe to play in the dark or else it will put out the fire… we know that Becky is already in her dark place.

They go and see the childhood home and then Becky announces she has been getting messages from people she doesn’t know.. some not pleasant. She then decides to walk home instead of getting back in the car, she walks through a wooded area and you see, even just for a moment, how free she feels and her melody comes back.  Again it is such a hauntingly beautiful scene you have to see.

The scenes that follow are quite eye opening and we can then see how far in the dark Becky really is.  She finds out that her picture has been used on quite a few websites and becomes distressed. We see a dream sequence that is from another of Robinson’s short films which is also worth a see.

In desperation she signs onto a site that offers help, and she meets Amber  there, hearing Amber’s story they decide to meet up.  It all goes well until Jesse comes to pick her up, Amber knows him, but he claims he has no idea who she is. He, along with Amber, has been meeting once a year at the Becky Carmichael fan club. Becky exclaims it isn’t a fan club but a cult, however Jesse says what better way to be yourself than act like the person you want to be. Unfortunately Becky takes that a little to literally and we soon find out what her dream has been about.

Would just like to say we see a picture of the beautiful and talented Maura Stephens which is always good to see!

Now for the main cast. Gabrielle Banville  is pure perfection as Becky, she plays her with an air of beautiful emotion, she has taken on the role with such ease, and has brought Becky to life on screen in her own unique way. You will be able to relate to the character, and when Banville is in the scene, you can’t help wonder what goes on in her mind, She is an asset to the film and i can’t wait to see what else she does in the future.

 Tristan Mcintosh plays Becky’s brother Jesse. Now i am still intrigued by how he brings the character of Jesse to the screen, Can we trust him? does he really have Becky’s back? Mcintosh  is another actor i am looking forward to seeing more of in future films. He has a certain way about him that is hard to describe and hard to duplicate. A perfect casting for the character.

Maissa Houri-Charron  plays Amber, Her character isn’t in the film for long but boy does she make you remember her, She has a smile that lights up the scene and has you truly believing that Amber is there to support Becky. The scene where Becky and Jesse are driving away, and Amber is just standing there watching them, is still in my head clearly now. It takes a very confident actress to be able to pull this type of character off and Houri-Charron certainly delivers.

Amazing casting and they have come together to make a film that a lot of us will be talking about for a long time.

The horror of this film is that is could happen and probably has happened to people out there, Who can we really trust when we are putting our pictures out there and become known?

Lets not start the Lestat Horror Fan Club too soon guys.

Here is the film for you to enjoy!