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That Night – Trailer and News

One to watch out for in 2019

This little beauty from Jenn Nangle is something i have been impatiently waiting for since Jenn allowed me to proofread her script. Reading it i was blown away, knowing full well she was certainly on to a winner with it.

What i love is this horror is more terrifying than any slasher film, It is the horror of all nightmares, based on something that could happen to anyone of us and for all we know may have many times over.

Courtesy of Jenn Nangle – That Night
That Night – Courtesy of Jenn Nangle

This story features two couples that meet for the first time and as the night progresses, one set becomes the prey and the other, the predator.

Based on True Events, the film stars: Jennifer Nangle, Amanda Cano, Garrett Lee, and Raymond Vinsik Williams. Featuring performances from Charles Chudabala, Jeffery Potts, Carson Lambing, and Nikki Vizcaino. The film was directed and edited by Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson

Written by Jennifer Nangle and Garrett Lee with story by Jennifer Nangle. The film score was composed by Rocky Gray and Special Effects were done by Chronix EFX. The film was shot by Jason Peguero. Produced by Jennifer Nangle. Executive Produced by Robert “Oldhcdude” Cortez, Ryan T. Cusick, Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson, Linda Loera, and Patricia J. Nangle. Associated Produced by Alex T. Hwang, Rod “Shorte” Vizcaina, and Nikki Vizcaino.

Courtesy of Jenn Nangle

“That Night” is a ProCo Production Company, Queen Scream, and Chronix EFX Production.

Here is a first look at “That Night” – a horror short film releasing on January 31, 2019 (Just in time for Women in Horror Month)

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