Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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That Night – Exclusive Review 2019

I have had the privilege of an exclusive screener for ‘That Night‘ by Jenn Nangle . Normally this is where i would write my review, throw a load of stills up and tell you to watch it when it comes out.

With this i felt i couldn’t, If i did, it wouldn’t do it justice.

You can imagine as a UK Film Critic how many shorts and features i get to review each year, Sometimes one sneaks through, and it makes you stop in your tracks. I call these sneaky ones ‘Works of Art’ yet even that sentence does not do this film justice.

There are so many elements in this film that need to be talked about, and i don’t just mean the plot. I firstly want to talk about the main actors in this.

We have four main actors, Jenn Nangle (This truly is her baby) Amanda Cano, Raymond Williams and Garrett Lee. Let me break down their characters.

Garrett Lee and Jenn Nangle play our main couple in the film. We know something has happened within the relationship and whatever it is ,has hit them hard. Both believable as a couple, and their characters draw you in straight away. I have said it many times, if a film makes you forget everyday life and takes you into the screen as you watch, then they have done their job well.

Amanda Cano and Raymond Williams play the psycho’s (Sorry guys! you are both lovely really) You don’t have to ask if they play these characters well because the answer would be YES,

What i want to really get to is when the four of them are together in the brutal scenes. Yes i said brutal scenes and you should not come into this film lightheartedly. Based on true events, Each actor has taken on board the scenes they are filming and have done it with sensitivity to the plot. As i was watching, i realised it had set of an anxiety inside me, this alone tells you how well they handled doing this.

Raymond Williams plays his character with such ease he is scary to watch (Yes Raymond you truly scared me with this one) An amazing actor to watch on the screen.

Jenn Nangle ¬†Let me tell you something about her. She has this amazing talent and craft inside her, yet sometimes she doesn’t believe in herself. Everyone ignores this though, as we know how bloody brilliant she is. This film she has worked hard to get on screen. She has put Blood, Sweat and Tears (Literally) into making this, and the dedication to it shows how much she loves the film industry. Her excitement for you all to see it, has been contagious, and i am sure there were times she was sick of me asking “Is it ready yet”

The rest of the cast are brilliant, There is no one in the film you would look at and say, what was the point of that character in there. They all needed to be there because they all helped set the scenes up beautifully

There are no words to describe how this film made me feel, many i view stick with me for days, this is going to stick with me for a long time, even while i am typing this, there are scenes that are haunting my mind.

If you want a brutally honest review then here it is, This is Jenn Nangle’s best performance to date. The plot will make you view it with an unease inside, but…you will view it, and then view it again, then make your friends watch it because this is going to be big. This isn’t just going to be talked about in Indie Film circles, trust me this is going to be one to beat in 2019

For Lestat Horror, this has set the bar high for this year and we are only into January. Short Horror Film Makers (including myself) will be sweating, trying to come up with something that is a work of art such as this for 2019

Jenn and the team…. A standing ovation from Lestat Horror, You nailed it!