Terrifier – Review



Director : Damien Leone
Writer : Damien Leone 
Cast : Catherine Corcoran, Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, David Howard Thornton

Synopsis : 

A maniacal clown named Art, terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way.

Dread Central and Epic Pictures have come together to bring us Terrifier


Damien Leone, why oh why would you make me endure this!!!. Being terrified of clowns as i am ,i thought i would be brave and give it a go, after all i watched Art the Clown in the film ‘All Hallows Eve’

This is a spin off from ‘All Hallows Eve‘ and also from a short entitled ‘”Terrifier“(2011)

The only thing i can say about Leone , and the one thing i love about him is, he really doesn’t give a damn about offending anyone or complying with audiences. He is bloodthirsty and it shows all over the screen. There is no fake looking killings or violence in this beauty, the effects used look real, in fact my stomach turned a few times and he is original with it.

The Characters are great in this and sometimes when i watch a film i actually root for the killer as there are many characters (and the acting) i hate. Not in this, In fact it throws many surprises up as to who gets killed and who doesn’t, basically it leads you into a false sense of security.

Lets now get to Art The Clown (Thornton) He loves his role a little too much and makes it super scary. His role isn’t a speaking part which i think helps freak you out more, he just grins and silently laughs after each kill. Thornton really threw himself into this part and he outshone everyone on screen.


This is way better than ‘All Hallows Eve’ . It’s scarier in a sense that you never see who really is under Art, what his motives are and why he is doing it, but hey why can’t we have a killer that doesn’t have a solid reason to do it other than he is a deranged clown dressing blood lusting maniac.


I urge you to see this with a cushion in one hand and a sick bucket in the other.

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