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Lilith – Feature Review 2018

  Writer : Anthony Werley, Richard Aguirre, Paul McFall, Alex T Hwang  Director: Alex T Hwang  Cast : Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Deathouse), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Commando), Thomas Haley (Fear of Walking Dead), Devanny Pinn (Escape from Ensenada, Party Bus from Hell), Hunter Johnson (From Jennifer, Irrational Fear), Charles Chudabala (Irrational Fear, Ugly Sweater

Lilith the Movie (2018)

  It seems Tiberiusfilm Ltd. has unleashed a  terrifying Demon and her name is Lilith This is what i can tell you all so far ….. Filmmaker Alex T. Hwang has dropped the first trailer for “Lilith”, a terrifying Horror Anthology that is told in five segments. While each segment is a stand alone story,