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Nightshade – Horror Short 2019

Director : Charles ChudabalaProducers : Charles Chudabala, Alex Hwang, Kathleen Hwang, Thomas Haley Written : Charles Chudabala Cast : Jenn Nangle, Leah Schaefer, Marle Schaefer, Lexi Marlene Synopsis : A girl confronts her fears when visitors from another land materialize in the shadows of the night..”. Review  : I have seen Chudabala in a few

Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 – Review 2018

    Writer : Jenn Nangle Director : Jenn Nangle  Cast : Jenn Nangle, James Craigmiles, Nikki VizCaino   The Queen of Screams has gotten loose and when her car ‘Breaks down’, she finds another victim to feast upon. We all love Malvolia (Even if she does terrify us at times) and what she serves

Jenn Nangle – Interview 08/03/2018

  It has only been in the last few months that i have had the pleasure of knowing Jenn and getting to see and review some of her work. She is one of the most hard working people i have seen in all the years i have been in the Horror Genre, so i thought