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Stay Quiet – Short Horror Review 2018

Writer: Chloe Carroll
Director: Chloe Carroll 
Cast: Gabriella Piazza, Jacob Pressley, Stephanie Morgan

Synopsis:¬†When an intruder who seems very distressed by loud noises walks into Lynn’s house, screaming for help is not an option.


Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror, i believe i have found another firm favourite of mine in the scary psycho stakes ( Pressley, you nailed it!)

This is a breath of fresh air!. I’m not sure even where to start as there is so many great things about it.

Firstly the casting is amazing, loved, loved LOVED the characters. I have heard nothing but good things about Chloe Carroll so i am not surprised how addictive this one is.

We meet ‘The Man’ ( Pressley) Who is sitting on the edge of a bath, head in hands that are covered in blood (You’ve got red on you). When he moves we see a dead woman in the bath. What a way to start the film, don’t just ease us into it, no, shove us right inside the psycho’s lair.

We then meet Lynn ( Piazza) who is at home, baking a pie. When she goes outside to fetch her mail, she turns to meet scary psycho man. He strikes up a conversation with her and we find out he hates loud noises. Cue Lynn side stepping quickly back to her house, but he is following her. She gets in safely, or so she thinks, until she turns to see him knife in hand, helping himself to the pie (Not today satan)

I can’t decide what i actually love more about this one… the Characters….the Plot or the Soundtrack… Damn it i will admit, it is the complete package!!!

Add this to your list of must sees

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