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Something Scary (2017) – Review


Director : Andrew J. D. Robinson 
Writer : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Cast : Aileigh Karson, Jesi Jensen, Tristan Mcintosh.

Synopsis : GamerGurl REACTS to a beta for upcoming indie horror game “Something Scary”

Review :

This is another Horror short from Robinson and what i love most about his work is no short is ever alike, each once he releases is unique and original.

As the Synopsis states, this is about the gaming world in which GamerGurl plays an upcoming indie horror game that is in beta mode. Watching it was believable and you forget it’s a short, you feel like you are watching someone play an actual game on youtube. I think this is down to casting and Karson has a natural talent to be in front of the camera and her timings are perfect.

The idea of having her play a game is a brilliant move, it will entice a lot more viewers to watch it. The game itself isn’t fantastic and it isn’t down to it being an indie film, what you have to remember while watching it, is the game is still supposed to be in beta mode.

A nice twist at the end finishes the short, although i can see this could easily be turned into a feature film if Robinson wanted to do it. I would recommend it to all.

Reviewer : Payten Autumn.