Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Lestat Horror

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Snap – Short Horror Review

Writer: Robyn August
Director : Robyn August
Cast : Jennifer Willens, Robyn August

Synopsis :
A man finds a vintage camera heirloom in his closet. He begins to take snapshots of his apartment when suddenly a mysterious woman appears through the lens, leading him to a horrifying discovery.

Review :

This is the first time Robyn August has appeared on Lestat Horror. We hope to see much more of him in the future.

This plot line has been seen in a few horrors over the years, yet watching August’s take on it has made it completely original. I am not going to lie, don’t watch it at 3am when you are in bed trying to sleep.. this is creepy as hell.

To make a short film can be hard, especially making one that makes sense and, one that has a start, middle and ending is hard to do, this beauty is only 2 minutes 22 seconds long and has managed to do it all. This puts a lot of short films to shame, i can only hope Robyn will make a feature in the future, however, for now, this short needs to be seen and shared everywhere.

It has everything you need, camera shots are perfect, characters are brilliant and it just has enough music score on there not to drown anything out. It even has a shadowman which along with clowns, is the one other thing that freaks me out. Willen’s is superb as Agnes the spirit seen through the camera lens, the way she moves is a masterpiece and looks terrifying.

Robyn August... PLEASE make a feature!!

Watch the film below