Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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Slice & Dice – Short horror review – 2019

Writer : Thomas Haley
Director : Thomas Haley 
Cast : Brooklyn Haley, Maria Olsen, Jessica Cameron, Elissa Dowling, Charles Chudabala, Meghan Deanna Smith, Noel Jason Scott

Synopsis : Brenda, playing a horror board game with her friend Andi, draws a “Nurse” card and is transported into a hospital where she must run or take a stand against a Monster only found in nightmares.

Review :

Get a load of well known actors, then add Haley, then add an original plot… you are on to a short horror winner. I don’t think I have reviewed a bad film from Haley, and, I am going to dissapoint again because this is bloody brilliant!

This is like the horror version of Jumanji, but instead of being transported into a bland game, Brenda has to pick a card and transport into a total nightmare.

Scott and Olsen have a way of making any film they are in horrifically creepy, they both upped their game in this one. Olsen is only laying in a hospital bed yet manages to terrify in those few short moments. Scott as always has fantastic special fx make up on.

Great casting, and it is nice to see Cameron and Chudabala in this too. Set in one location, Haley makes use of special lighting effects to creat a great tense atmosphere.

A great one to watch if you love horror shorts but are tired of seeing the same things in them, This could be made into a longer feature film in my honest opinion.

The only downfall is….we want more!!!

Congratulations to the cast and crew for winning a well deserved award at the Culver City Film Festival – Best Horror Short

Payten Autumn Xx