Fri. May 29th, 2020

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Slice and Dice Dreadcast



I found out about this “Dreadcast” yesterday from Jenn Nangle. I decided to go over to YouTube to watch and within the first 5 minutes had already subscribed.

These guys are hilarious, They throw banter to each other while discussing anything and everything to do with horror. As i am in England i realised the time was 3.3oam yet still couldn’t stop watching!. If you watch on YouTube you get to throw some questions to them (And they do really read them and answer them)

To top it off they have some amazing guests popping on to have a chat with them.

Seriously go take a look as you will love them. Follow the links below :

Slice and Dice Dreadcast (Youtube channel) 

Slice and Dice Dreadcast (Episodes on Horrorphilia)

Slice and Dice Dreadcast (Itunes Episodes)