Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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Slash – Short Horror Review 2018

Written: Wesley Mellott
Directed: Wesley Mellott
Cast: Chloe Carroll, Micheal Mowen, Lauren Lavera, Andrea Canonico, Buddy Caine 

Synopsis : Sydney thinks she knows how she’d react in a slasher film until one night…


This comes from makers ‘Fear Crypt’ who have been on the lips of quite a few people lately and i can assure you their projects, and any future ones, will be ones to look out for.

I love the plot idea for this as i haven’t reviewed many in this style. Lets say firstly Sydney ( Carroll) Is me completely and i am sure many of you reading this are the same when watching Horror films. We watch it, yet shout at the screen when a cliche comes up. For example, women in their bra when it is freezing cold. Women that run through the house when they should be running out of it. I could go on!!

In this , we delve into the mind of Sydney who is watching a horror movie with her partner Callum  (Mowen). They are watching while Sydney starts commenting about how wrong it all is,, and how no one would actually do that in real life.

Her partner is really getting annoyed and later we see him laying awake while she is fast asleep next to him. In the next scene Callum is waking her up to tell her he thinks someone is downstairs, She wakes and hearing that Callum may be being attacked, she goes down to investigate.

She spots him on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, The killer standing over him looking up at her. She tries everything to escape and her corners her in the kitchen, as he attempts to hit her with a hammer, she grabs a knife and goes for his throat. She runs to Callum’s body, but it isn’t him…. Oh Sydney what have you done????

A Director/ Writer and an Actress….Methinks Carroll is one to watch out for.

Slash….what would you do???

Payten Autumn