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Skin Baby – Horror Short Review 2018


Written and Directed by Ken Cohen
Director of Photography: John Johnson
Cast: Phyllis Jackson, Haydn Haring, Michael James Daly
Sound Recordist: Scott Johnson
Sound Editor: Vinny Alfano
Music by: Lauds

Synopsis: A tattoo helps Rosie cope with a terrible loss, but after it comes to life, her mental state takes a turn for the worse.

Review :

This is another first for me to review a horror short by Cohen. As a screenwriter myself, straight away i have admiration for his work. It’s hard sometimes to tell a story in a short, yet sometimes you can come across one, that has been done with perfection, and this is one of them.

The plot is a taboo one, and some may even be shocked by the theme, yet i can see why it has been in so many festivals with a well deserved place.

The cast are truly wonderful  and make a great ensemble.The character Rosie ( Jackson) is played with the respect the theme deserves, (Jackson) plays this part well and you can truly see every emotion she goes through in the film without her saying anything.

I love the way Kayla , the tattooist ( Haring ) has sympathy and compassion yet wants to make sure this is the right thing for Rosie to be doing.

The scene with Haring and Daly is brutal, and just the right amount of blood and gore we want.

This is clever, original and again one of the best i have seen this year.

We can safely say Cohen Is a genius

Payten Autumn