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Sightings (2017) – Review

Director – Andrew J.D. Robinson
Writer – Andrew J. D Robinson
Cast – Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri

Synopsis – Two sisters mourn the disappearance of their little sister

Review –

Before i begin, i need to give a shout out on here to Alina Sauve who did the FX on this short and to Ziwirek Beats, Curtis Berndt, and Tyler Matthews who did the music. They did a fantastic job and their work didn’t go unnoticed.

Now for the film. It starts with two sisters sitting in a car, one clearly distressed enough to not have been able to drive so her sister picks her up. They talk about Amy, their younger sister who has disappeared.

I have come to realize that Sightings isn’t about her being spotted by members of the public, nor does it reference the word in a paranormal way, instead it is our sightings of Amy as the sisters talk.

We see Amy in different ways, She is walking alone along what looks like a desolate place.She looks like a girl with the weight on her shoulders that has nothing left to give. We then see a dead body we can assume is hers. I like this because it makes you view it different from the norm. It has deeper levels here. We feel for Amy who looks like she wants it all to just end, and we feel for the sisters who are convincing themselves she is okay.  From a viewers perspective, it is like knowing a horrible life changing secret that you have to watch come out in the open and see the devastation it causes.

The ending is of course sad and is another fantastic short from Robinson. As i have said before he has a way of dragging you into the story, no matter how uncomfortable it will be for you.

Robinson brings his characters to life and i haven’t seen a bad casting from him yet. Follow him on FB to see all his projects.

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