Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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Safe Haven – Review 2019

Writer : Carl Sundström
Director : Carl Sundström
Produce: Elliot Ohlén
Cast : Signe Elvin Nowak and Xander Turian

Synopsis : A depressed woman’s elegy from the other side of the grave that is told from the depths of her heart. She is realizing all the faults and cracks in the only place in the world she once viewed as her Safe Haven.


I get goosebumps just thinking about this film, i have actually never seen a short like this. Lestat Horror readers will know i love my gore and dark psychological films, and when i sat down with a coffee to watch this, i forgot i was reviewing a short and thought i had switched on the ID channel and was watching a crime documentary.

A safe haven for me is somewhere you can feel safe, to be yourself and not be judged, threatened or harmed. Sundström ran with this concept and presented us with one of the most chilling films i think we will ever review on here.

A black screen greets us as the film begins and a female voice over starts her narration. A tale of still being in a place she thought was safe, yet the world judged. She thought no matter what happens in the outside world, she would always have her special haven with him.

It cuts to forensic police photos ( Which are seriously like something out of a real crime scene) and the idea to use the camera noise as it took the shot was a clever idea, it added to the tense atmosphere of it all, You watch it and feel as though you are tresspassing in someones life, a life of heaven versus hell we can only vision in our worst nightmares.

Her voice is questioning somehow, and speaks of anger yet there was and always will be love coming from her.

The background sounds of a baby crying, the police dispatch unit talking to each other over radio, all of it makes you feel tense and very uneasy.

Beautiful poetic dialogue expresses her emotions, for example “ Without you if feels like i am in this dark deep well, Where i am hanging on to the slippery walls, sinking deeper into the abyss”

We next see her walking around the house where the event happened, she still wants to be in her safe haven and  she wants him there with her.

Another voice over, authoritive male telling her that with her depression she is not suited to raise a child.This truly is a journey into her unravelling mind, it’s a forboding journey you don’t want to be on.

I could write pages on the psychology of this masterpiece, yet i don’t want to give too much away, I need you to experience this yourself. It will make you stop and think, it will disturb you, and, it will stay with you for a long time

I am hoping we get to review more of Carl’s work in the future.

This i feel, has many more awards to come

This short film is my new obssession