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Review – Failing Grace (2018)




Director : Ryan Stacy 
Writer : Ryan Stacy
Cast : Marylee Osborne, Adam Atherton, Josh Miller, Austen Tarantino, Stacy Feeders, Sarah Curtis, Caroline Vineyard.

Synopsis : Five years ago, sisters Maggie (Curtis) and Grace Novak (Vineyard) suffered a terrible tragedy when their parents were murdered. by Maggie’s ex-lover Jack Elligott (Miller). And for five years the truth behind Jack’s disappearance and the events of that fateful night have remained hidden from Grace for one, simple reason: he did it all to get to Grace. The events are barely behind them when, unbeknownst to Maggie, Jack has returned. And with the always irritating Leona De Martino (Osborne) in tow. The girls leave town for a weekend retreat with Maggie’s closest friend Joplin O’Toole (Freeders), where new love begins to bloom for the Novaks, and where Jack slowly makes his presence known.

Review :

I have reviewed Ryan Stacy’s previous films before in the horror genre, so it was good to see him take on a psychological thriller. As a reviewer i always say i can tell if a film will interest me within the first 20 minutes, this had me hooked after just 10. The opening scene with Maggie ( Curtis) and Jack (Miller)  set the rest of the film up perfectly.

Sometimes characters can either be played well, or be weak. Ryan has not only written characters that are believable ( trust me you will know people like them in life) but he has chosen great actors to fill the roles. The women are Sassy, Strong and i would love to give a mention here to Osborne and Freeders. Their characters are both annoying as hell but you will love them. I can honestly say coming from England i have never laughed so much on hearing Freeders say the line “Banged like a screen door in a hurricane”. As for Curtis and Vineyard  they seemed to play their roles with ease.

As for the men, they were equally entertaining. I can guarantee women will love Tarantino. Atherton was a convincing psychotherapist even though you could see a line was going to be crossed when he had a therapy session with Maggie. For me the film was made by Miller. A psychotic obsessed deranged killer. Charming one minute and a lethal force of nature the next.. for me that is what makes a good thriller.

The film itself is centred on obsession, murder, and the aftermath before the obsession begins again. To Jack, grace isn’t a person, she is an object, something he needs to own and will do anything he can to get it,

This needs to be shown at as many festivals as possible, it is a film that will be remembered for a long time.


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