Thu. May 6th, 2021

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Placebo (2017) Review


Director : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Writer : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Cast : Aileigh Karson, Jennifer Trudrung, Maura Stephens

Synopsis : A young woman undergoes surgery to look like her favorite celebrity.


We reviewed this before but because we relaunched Lestat Horror, we wanted to make sure this was back.

This has to be my favorite short from Robinson , Filmed in black and white, which i love seeing, it focuses on how we perceive ourselves, The way this short is filmed with the music score added can make you feel uncomfortable, but in a good way. The story looks at body dysmorphia and i am sure many of us can relate to this, even if it is a taboo subject that many  filmmakers won’t touch.

Casting was as always brilliant and natural in front of the camera and we have an interview coming soon with Maura Stephens.

We can safely say that Robinson knows what he is doing when it comes to filmmaking and he will hopefully be churning these beauties out for many years to come.

I urge you to see this short and i guarantee it will stay in your mind for days later.

Reviewer: Payten Autumn