Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

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Payten Autumn – Horror Week Favourite/Scariest Movie. Day 1


As owner and founder of Lestat Horror, i thought we would do a week of favourite Horror movies and scariest Horror movies. I reached out to fellow filmmakers and others in the Industry to find out what theirs were.

I will start with mine :

Halloween (1978):
I was raised on Horror so you could say it is in my blood. This will always be a favourite and it is the first one I remember seeing. Jamie Lee Curtis has always been my scream queen. I also want to give mention to the recent indie film The Wretched although a sub genre that has been done many times, their take on it was original.

Hell House llc:
This has to be my scariest horror film. It is a documentary/ found footage film, not scary as such but lots of creepy scenes that stayed with me.
If you have a movie that keeps you talking about it and plays on your mind, days, weeks, months later then you are onto a winner