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OUROBOROS – Horror Short Review 2018


Written: David Teixeira
Original idea : David Teixeira and Lea N’Kaoua

Directed : David Teixeira
Cast : Lea N’Kaoua as Girl/Monster


Synopsis : A girl keeps having the same dream where she hurts herself on a finger, finds an abandoned castle and goes inside. One day she wakes up and she decides to visit the castle for good.

Review :

An OUROBOROS is a circular symbol depicting a snake, or less commonly a dragon swallowing its tail

I am really excited to tell you about this one, a collaboration between Teixeira and N’Kaoua. It is exactly as the synopsis says, A girl ( N’Kaoua ) has the same nightmare where she pricks her finger by an abandoned castle but one day she wakes and decides to go to the castle.

As well as writing Horror, i am a practising Witch, and i found this short to be like watching a fairytale horror. It seems to have beautiful witchy undertones. N’Kaoua  is like an art masterpiece on screen and is hypnotic to watch.

I love the way it keeps showing you flashes of the monster. To me the score of music you have in a horror short is just as important as the story line and camera work, this does not disappoint, it is hauntingly beautiful which everyone knows i love.

The ‘monster’ scenes are horrific! Just the way she moves is enough to scare anyone!

I know Teixeira has said this is in post-production and will be entered into film festivals, this pleases me as it is worthy of being there.

This is up there as being one of my favourites of 2018

Payten Autumn