Nightshade – Horror Short 2019

courtesy of Charles Chudabala

Director : Charles Chudabala
Producers : Charles Chudabala, Alex Hwang, Kathleen Hwang, Thomas Haley
Written : Charles Chudabala
Cast : Jenn Nangle, Leah Schaefer, Marle Schaefer, Lexi Marlene

Synopsis : A girl confronts her fears when visitors from another land materialize in the shadows of the night..”.

Review  :

I have seen Chudabala in a few movies now and was hoping he would jump into the Directors chair at some point, so he could show us his talents there. I am not lying when i say he can steal a scene very quickly with his acting and expressions, so when he asked if i would review this short Horror Fantasy i calmly replied back “Yeah sure” ( while screaming “Yes he finally is making his Directing Debut)

This short is based on a recurring nightmare Chudabala had when he was five years old.

courtesy of Charles Chudabala

So what is the short like? Well when you have not only a talented team of producers such as A Hwang, K Hwang and Haley, then you sit up and take note. and actors that have been in some exceptional work lately, then you know this is going to get seen. However i want to point out, this is not the only reason this is bloody brilliant. Chudabala wrote this, and this is one of the most surreal things i have seen in a long time. It is beautifully preternatural, and he has managed to capture a dreamlike nightmare when the poor child is clearly awake.

Charles drew influences from: Marilyn Manson (Dope Hat Era), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Dario Argento’s “Suspiria.”

Courtesy of Charles Chudabala

The cast are just .. well what can i say?? Jenn Nangle (Scream Queen extraordinaire) plays an evil witch. The amazing Leah and Marle Schaefer ( i had the pleasure of having Leah in my own short) who are talented and even though they may face some scary scenes, they play the child character with ease. Lexi Marlene is just exquisite in her character.

courtesy of Charles Chudabala

Costume designs are stunning,designed by celebrity photographer and visual artist: Ama Lea (ABCs of Death). and the soundtrack goes with it perfectly.

courtesy of Charles Chudabala

I am totally in love with this short and i would love to interview Charles in the future for Lestat Horror.

The press release i received said Chudabala was a ‘Rising’ King of Horror…. I disagree. He IS the King Of Horror!!!

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