Night Mære- Short Horror Review

Written : Craig Fisher
Producer : Dan Bailey
Director : Craig Fisher
Cast : Antonio Rastelli , Derek Palmer, Dan Bailey

Synopsis : You’ve got to sleep some time


Have you ever been sleeping peacefully when you suddenly wake up with sleep paralysis? The feeling that you can’t move or shout out, when suddenly you are in the presence of the Hag or Hat Man. Well if that is something you have often, this may make you extremely anxious. Fisher has taken his own experiences with sleep paralysis and made this surreal short.

This is everything nightmares are made of, you can feel the terror that Rastelli is facing when all he wants is a good nights sleep. In this we meet the Hag (Palmer) with creepy fingers that looks like it wants to devour his soul. Oh and of course there had to be scary Hat Man,

I had my own terrifying experiences with that particular shadow man when i was younger, so seeing him on screen will give me sleepless nights for weeks to come.

This is an amazing short and something a lot of people will relate to

Watch it through the link below

Night Mære

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