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MATER – Short Horror Film Review 2019


Creators: David Teixeira and Lea N’Kaoua
Director : David Teixeira
Cast : Lea N’Kaoua, Leon Groot, Vincent Conty, David Teixeira

Synopsis : A godly woman does everything she can to save her dying mother.



MATER may be my most ambitious project to date. – David Teixeira ( 2019)

I have to agree with Teixeira, but if anyone can pull something like this off, it would be him. If you have seen the spectacular OUROBOROS, then you are going to want to watch this one. I have to firstly say, if you are English and watching it then you will just adore the setting and scenery. It looks like we are watching a quaint Victorian film at first, the costumes are to die for and i would spend hours exploring the location it was filmed at. The clue that you are not watching a film set in England is that, it is in its beautiful native tongue, however it does have english subtitles. Though, i loved that it was in French, such a beautiful language that added to the ambiance of the film.

This is the story of a Woman ( N’Kaoua) that is desperate to keep her Mother alive. Deeply religious, we see her with her cross and bible. While walking through the woods a strange (and creepy) man appears to her and gives her some herbs to give her Mother. We all know what these herbs are going to do…right?  ….right?

She makes tea from the herbs and as told, gives them to her Mother to drink. Soon the Woman is coming down the stairs, grabbing her belongings and going out the door, she sits, crying with cross and book in hand.

Quite tame you would say? YES, but Teixeira doesn’t do tame films, he soon reaches into that deep twisted mind of his and pulls out some of the most hellish scenes ever. The film truly is like a heaven and hell concept.

We now see a huge demon like figure, telling her that her Mother is dead and basically, well basically she is going to be his mate if she likes it or not.  The slight torture scene is very symbolic to her torture of going from being very religious to turning her back on it all and venturing into the darker side.

Waking up and staggering around, here is where the fantastic witchcraft part comes in. I would think a lot of research had gone into this, because it is very old style witchcraft that we have seen from a few films.

The voices in this sound demonic, as they should be (At one point my daughter who walked into the room declared it needed to be turned off as it was the most unsettling thing she had ever heard!) So be warned, it will be an uncomfortable and scary watch to some.

What i loved about this, was it didn’t go straight in to having something possess the woman, this was a slow battle of good and evil. Focusing on the religious aspect was a great move, because of this we see her fear, her loss and her isolation to the world around her.

Also look out for the nice camera shot of the cross on the wall in her Mothers house, at first it is hanging the right way up, after it is an upside down cross…. simple perfection added in.

I would like to also say i am SO happy N’Kaoua is once more collaborating and staring in one of these films. An amazing actress to watch, she seems to get better and better at portraying her characters.

I am also very excited to hear that Teixeira is going to be working on a feature film!

So get all your friends around, turn off the lights and watch this one…if you dare.