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Mannequin-Horror Short Review 13/02/2019

Original Idea by David Teixeira and Lea N’Kaoua
Written by David Teixeira
Directed by David Teixeira
Cast: Lea N’Kaoua

Synopsis :

Barbara is going to visit her niece for her birthday but she didn’t find time to buy her a present. Her sister Julia found the perfect present and she bought it for her: a mannequin doll. After a long day, Barbara decides to spend the night at a Hotel, before heading up to see the family.


David Teixeira writes and films horror shorts that are beyond creepy, in fact i have reviewed some of them on here. When he teams up with Lea N’Kaoua   they come up with horror shorts that are extremely creepy, You know the ones where you can’t sleep and are alone in the house, so you get Youtube up and watch scary videos, well Mannequin belongs in amongst those videos, it literally makes you go “What the hell did i just watch” (In a good way)

I haven’t reviewed any other horror shorts with this type of storyline so it is a good original to watch. You would expect the doll in it to be super creepy looking, yet she looks like any other barbie doll. The emphasis in this short is not on the doll, yes we know she is creepy and is going to do something evil to the woman, but it is on the female character quite literally turning into a doll in a painful and bloody way.

I love this because it is quirky and unusual. I only wish more like this came through our doors to be reviewed.

Loved it….Make sure you watch it because Lea N’Kaoua has the ability to make her scenes creepy as hell, a very talented actress.