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Malvolia’s Xmas Honor – 2019

Writer : Jennifer Nangle
Director : Jennifer Nangle 
Cast : Jennifer Nangle, Charles Chudapala, Sam Mason, Al Burke,

Synopsis : When Malvolia’s top honor Xmas award, where she beat out all of her peers for the year, doesn’t arrive as expected… Malvolia takes matters into her own hands to take back what is rightfully hers!

Review :

The turkey has been eaten, the crackers pulled and mince pies have been eaten…but i’m sorry, it simply can’t be Christmas without the beautiful Queen of Screams Malvolia maiming or killing someone.

This year she has been awarded the top Xmas award honor, i mean why wouldn’t she? So she paitiently waits ( Yeah right) for the gift to come from Santa’s sleigh … and she waits….. and waits.

Can i point out that watching Nangle and Chudapala as Malvolia and Charles on screen together is a delicious nightmare fuelled dream for us all. They play off each other perfectly, and, can someone give them their own TV show please?!!!

Right, back to the Xmas special. So Malvolia is still waiting when they hear that someone has kidnapped Santa. Who could it be? It can only be one demon…Grylo. I will say that Mason is fantastically cast and with those eyes, will have women swooning at their screen.

The scenes that follow are clever and inventive. The special effects are done superbly and impressive. Will Malvolia  find Santa and finally get the award she has been waiting for?

You have to watch to find out…..

We love Nangle, and we love her team. A huge well done to them for this fantastically funny and much needed Xmas horror short. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Want to watch it? Click the link below

Malvolia’s Xmas Honor 

Payten Autumn Xx