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Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 – Review 2018



Writer : Jenn Nangle
Director : Jenn Nangle 
Cast : Jenn Nangle, James Craigmiles, Nikki VizCaino


The Queen of Screams has gotten loose and when her car ‘Breaks down’, she finds another victim to feast upon.

We all love Malvolia (Even if she does terrify us at times) and what she serves up for thanksgiving is a bit different from her usual feasts. Think hot scenes, drinks (There has to be with Jenn around) and lots of blood and gore.If you can imagine all that then you can picture the 10 minutes of pure bloody gloriousness.

Nangle as Malvolia has won the hearts of many men and women and will win the hearts of many new fans with this beauty. The camera loves her and so do we.

The plot is humorous at times, especially VizCaino taking off her shoes and running away the way she does. Craigmiles is exceptional as Malvolia’s victim. Nangle always finds a way to use actors that are so natural and full of talent.

Watch this if you dare

Malvolia isn’t just the Queen of Screams, she is the darling hostess we need more of.

I think we all need a Malvolia Tv Series please if any tv producers are watching  out there!

Here is the link to the episode :

Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 

Payten Autumn