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Lilith – Feature Review 2018


Writer : Anthony Werley, Richard Aguirre, Paul McFall, Alex T Hwang 
Director: Alex T Hwang 
Cast : Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Deathouse), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Commando), Thomas Haley (Fear of Walking Dead), Devanny Pinn (Escape from Ensenada, Party Bus from Hell), Hunter Johnson (From Jennifer, Irrational Fear), Charles Chudabala (Irrational Fear, Ugly Sweater Party), Jennifer Nangle (Malvolia, Ugly Sweater Party), Michael Wainwright (Deathhouse, Lake of Shadow) and more


Synopsis: A horror anthology follows the Demon Lilith who punishes men for their indiscretions against women.



I love a good anthology, and this one seamlessly rolls into each story. There are so many aspects to this movie so i shall start from the beginning and work through each story.

Show Down :

The beginning of the movie and in between segments of each story sees Lilith  (Rose) trying to be banished by Father Murphy ( Wainwright) and Det. Ryan Carson ( Haley). These scenes are clever, Father Murphy comes over as someone who isn’t too sure on his faith and if it will work at all. While Carson has pure contempt and anger towards Lilith as the Movie goes on, after all he has lost his daughter through the hands of Lilith and her revenge. His character in this, just wants to catch her and banish her for good. Felissa Rose never disappoints as an actor and her portrayal of Lilith is played with perfection. Thomas Haley (Are you sure you aren’t a real Det?) Is another amazing actor. In fact there are so many familiar faces in this movie, that it is worth a watch just for that fact alone!.

Through this feature, you will see Lilith portrayed in different guises, each one just as deliciously evil as the one before.

Young Love – Story 1 

Our first story involves Det Ryan Carson’s daughter Brooke ( Massie) She has been having a secret affair with her Teacher (Murphy ) Everything is fine until the poor girl gets pregnant, as can happen, the teacher doesn’t want anything to do with her so Brooke takes her own life. Her friends, Including Colin ( Johnson) who has always had a huge crush on her, decide to blackmail the teacher with the pregnancy test but Lilith shows up and is displeased with all of them. This is a brilliant start to an Anthology, it gives us the chance to first truly see how powerful she can be, yet also see what drives Carson.  Loved Chudabala in this story, he has a way of portraying how he feels through facial expressions. Massie was exceptional not only as Brooke but also as Lilith .  The killings were original and bloody! Any Gore lovers will worship this movie.




Care Taker – Story 2 

This one involves the beautiful Jenn Nangle who plays Lilith  it seems she has come to take care of Phillip ( Wells) . As she makes him lunch, she begins to talk to him about his wife that passed away. He notices how much Lilith  looks just like her . As the story goes on, Lilith is really here to collect him to take him to hell, as he made a deal with her father ( we all know who that is) Though she tells him that she is running the business now not her father . This is such a simple setting and story line yet it works because we know Phillip knows who she is really ,yet he isn’t going anywhere unless she guarantees he can be with his wife again no matter where.  Wells and Nangle play off each other superbly and Nangle brings a little sarcasm and humour to the character. We also see more detectives in this ( Schaefer and Scott …wait are you sure you all aren’t real Det?) , they turn up to find a butchered Phillip (Again gore lovers will be dancing with this one) and one of many calling cards Lilith will leave.






Lust – Story 3 

This is my favourite in the whole anthology, This is how i imagine Lilith to really be and we see two separate versions of her in here (One played by Pat Trimmer ). So we meet Darren (Wheeler ) and Madison (Coupe) going through a rough patch,especially as Darren seems to be a sex addict and Madison is ‘Vanilla’ . She leaves him at home while she goes away for a few days, it doesn’t take him long before he is ringing for a call girl to come over. When she arrives it is Lilith ( VanBrocklin) sultry and looking amazing. They soon get down to having sex and as you can imagine it is hot and wild. When she drags him back to the bedroom later, she ties him up and straddles him. We then see her and Demon Lilith together. This is something to watch, it is just jawdropping at how it has been achieved and very effective. We can see where this is going to end and Madison arrives home to find him dead. Another calling card left behind



Serial Killer – Story 4 

In this last story, we see a young girl, her car broken down at the side of the road. Frank (Tryon) stops to help her, he asks her to get something from the boot of his car and she soon ends up shoved right in there. We then see her at his home in the bath tub, we can say this isn’t his first time doing this and we learn not only is he a serial killer, but one with a shoe fetish ( i mean who hasn’t got one of them?…i mean what?!) He has a collection of them, he also has ingenious ways of torturing and killing his victims. Just then the doorbell goes and we see Lilith ( Pinn) who claims she went for a drive out after having a fight with her boyfriend. Frank takes this opportunity to offer her a coffee so he can drug her, but we know she is going to turn the tables. Here we see Demon Lilith ( Hicks) who soon feels her wrath.

End show down

I really don’t want to say too much about the ending as you really need to see it for yourself. But i do want to say a huge shout out to the actors that portrayed Lilith . Each one did an amazing job and brought something new to the character. The make- up was amazing. In fact all the cast and crew did a fantastic job on this feature.

The Writers, Director and Producers were not messing around with this, they have given us a piece of serious and unique horror that just in England alone, will become a cult movie.


An amazing project and if you don’t watch it you will regret it.

Payten Autumn