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Laura Ellen Wilson Interview

After our Week Of Horror where Laura Ellen Wilson joined in with us to discuss her Favourite Horror movie and Scariest Horror movie, we thought we would grab her for an Interview

Interview :

Q1) What was the first horror film you ever watched and what age were you?

As far as my memories go, I believe the first horror film I ever watched was Jaws! I think I was about 7 or 8 years old and as much as it scared me, I loved the feeling of being on the edge of my seat and being scared.

Q2) When did you realise you wanted to work in the film industry?

I realised early on, maybe at about 10 years old. I was always singing, dancing and creating puppet shows for my parents and whenever there was a karaoke competition when we went on holiday, I would always enter. I loved the feeling of being on stage but being on camera always fascinated me. From my first short film at 12 years old, I loved the feeling of being able to perform multiple takes on camera and the thrill of waiting for the finished film to become available to watch

Q3) Who are your influences?

I have an infinite amount of influences, from soap actors to Hollywood movie stars. The first influences I remember were Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. Although I wasn’t old enough to watch all of their movies at the age when I first discovered them, I remember the feeling of aspiring to be like them. I even remember putting on a ‘Miss Congeniality’ pageant in the playground at school!

Q4) Tell us about some of your past projects?

Most recently released is ‘Surprise’, a feature length anthology and I played 4 different characters. You can watch it on Vimeo now, for free! I also won 3 Best Actress awards for this film! Last year (2019) I shot ‘Friday the 13th: Vengeance’ in Washington State (US) and phase 1 of ‘Survivor Girls’ in Alabama (US). Other past projects include ‘Monster’ and ‘Next Door’ – both of which are on Amazon Prime and ‘Introspectum Motel’, shot on location in Romania, is currently doing the festival route. I have recently shot, from home, the role of Alicia Blake in Hungarian thriller feature ‘The Poltergeist Diaries’, which also stars Eric Roberts

Q5) You are an actress. Do you also write, produce and direct? Is this something you would like to do more of or have a go at if you haven’t already?

Mid-last year, I penned a short script named ‘In Bluebell Wood’. I spoke with a friend of mine who has her own production company (Laura Saxon of Saxon Productions) and pitched the script to her. We are currently shoulders deep in active pre-production and we plan to shoot (Covid-19 dependent) this October, 2020. I will be Directing this short, with the hopes that we can pitch to investors to ultimately create the feature length version. It is quite a task though. We have 35 cast members – 32 of which are children!!

Q6) How important do you think it is that we have more women working in the horror genre, especially behind the camera?

Horror has always been interested in women; traditionally women and girls are victims of crazed killers or monsters. They also scream a lot. These terms have certainly changed with the times and have moved from taking pleasure out of victimizing women, to creating survivors and protagonists. This is equally as important for behind the camera. As an actress in horror, I am always reassured when I am shooting a sensitive or emotionally draining scene and I have fellow women behind the camera. I think it’s an empathy thing.
Traditionally, film making has been a male oriented profession but again, changing with the times, not just men have an interest and talent in behind the scenes! I love how the film industry and the horror genre has evolved over the past decade. It makes me proud to be in it!

Q7) How do you prepare for each character you are playing?

I start by reading the script back to back 3-4 times. This can take a full day if it is a feature script. I then go through my characters’ scenes and call back a time in my life where my emotion mimics the current situation in the script. I then spend my time working on the lines whilst taking baby steps with the action. Once the lines are 99%, I then contact the director for any specific action direction. Each character requires a different approach, but the above is usually how I work.

Q8) What advice would you give aspiring actors coming into this genre and the industry?

Horror is so much fun!! I would recommend anyone who loves horror and has a passion for acting to do a horror film. Just remember though, this industry is a marathon, not a sprint. It won’t happen overnight but take your time, enjoy the ‘now’ and always network!!

Q9) What was your favourite film to work on?

That is an impossible question to answer! Each film has had its highs and lows and I will remember each and every one for different reasons. The people really do make a set though. A positive cast and crew will keep morale high and on a set that works long hours, everyone has that energy dip. Oh, catering is also super important. A good crafty makes a set memorable for me. If we are talking about food though (my favourite subject), the best catering on set was ‘Friday the 13th: Vengeance’. Jim Valiere was our Caterer and woah, the food was amazing! Each day we visited a different country. We went to Japan, India, Thailand, China, Italy, Germany, Spain and Mexico.

Q10) Can you tell us about future projects?

I do have quite a few future projects. Some would have been in post-production by now, but all was halted due to the pandemic. UK productions include; ‘The Cursed Soul’, ‘Time Burst: Resurrection’,Day One’ and ‘Swords of Scavelia’. These are all series in which I play a leading/recurring role. US productions include completing phase 2 of ‘Survivor Girls’ in Alabama (I am the stunt coordinator and also play the role of Ariel), the lead role of Lily in ‘With Child, exact shooting location TBC and a *secret* project in which I am cast as the lead, but is yet to be announced so I am unable to say anything more about that just yet. European productions include a major role in a currently untitled feature in Hungary.

A huge thank you to Laura for doing this Interview, We have got to know so much more about her and her work. Do go and look at all the films she mentioned that are out on Amazon Prime.

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