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Honest Horror Films and Zombies – Review 2019

This is the first time we are reviewing a few horror shorts from Darkly Films owned by Mikal.

The first three i am reviewing are in the category of ‘Honest Films’. We have all sat there watching Horror films, shouting at the characters (don’t lie, you know you have) Well these have been made with that in mind, they are what really should happen in any scenario of a Horror film.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to them.


Directed : Mikal
Written : Mikal
Cast : Marco “Chewball” Zarate and Kiera Hughes

Synopsis : What happens when you put real life people in a common horror trope?

The Basement courtesy of Mikal

I first saw this one during the 2017 15 Second Horror Film Challenge. It was LLoyd Kaufman’s #1 choice from his top 10 films.

When i first watched it i have to admit it made me laugh. I think it was for two reasons, firstly i wasn’t expecting it and secondly, they were acting so seriously it added to the ‘Didn’t see that coming’ notion.

It is perfectly simple yet it works so well, Kiera is needed in many horror’s! Her ‘Hell no’ attitude to Marco’s manly ‘Shall i go check it out’ is so Ying and Yang it is priceless!

You can watch it right here!

The Basement


Directed : Mikal
Written : Mikal
Cast : Marco “Chewball” Zarate, Kiera Hughes, Eric Bartsch and Qwen Hughes

Synopsis :
What happens when a car full of college kids heading to the lake to party for the weekend gets stopped by a crazy old man in the middle of the road? If this were a slasher movie, you already know what they’d do. But in the Honest Horror Films series, we examine what real life people would do instead.

The Harbinger courtesy of Mikal

As i am writing this i am still laughing. How i wish this happened in slasher films. We have a car full of teens, who rightly so shout at the old man in the road..i mean what is he doing there and just how long has he been standing there waiting for a car to come along!!

The fact that he warns them from driving on ( The old man character is brilliant, and he has captured every creepy old man in every slasher i have ever watched) THEN! they are like ‘He is probably right’ …. I may have died on the spot.

Brilliantly done, captured the slasher essence perfectly. This has to be one of my favourites

Watch it here :

The Harbinger

The final one i am reviewing for you all is a parody of ‘Humans of New York‘ and is called:


Directed : Mikal
Written : Mikal
Cast : Tracy Wayne Surgener

Synopsis : Witness the trials and tribulations that zombies and other monsters are put through by having to live with humans in New York

Zombies of New York courtesy of Mikal

This was in the official selection of the 15 Second Film Challenge and deserved to be.

Although humorous i love how this has been filmed. It reminds me of a Workobey film, in that, i mean it could also be looked at as a piece of art. Beautifully captured and again a nice simply scene, yet it works.

I love the voice over and for this piece it brought everything together. The light, slightly creepy music was perfection for this and i really would love to see more of this from Mikal and Darkly Films

You can see it here :

Zombies of New York

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