Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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Girls Night Anthology – Review 2018


Writer : David Teixeira
Director : David Teixeira
Cast : Alice Nazare, Liliana Garcia, Marina De Sousa, Vincent Conty


Synopsis :  A girls night goes wrong when they decide to discuss urban legends, yet get something far worse instead.


This is the first time Lestat Horror has had the privilege of reviewing some of Teixeira’s work and we are so glad he reached out to us and asked if we would like to.

I liked the characters of Alyson  ( Nazare) Chloe ( Garcia) and Jess ( De Sousa). The actresses play them well and they seem very comfortable in front of the camera, making their characters believable and they play off each other well .

The camera angles were shot well and added to the creepiness of the anthology. One thing i did like, was that you didn’t see anyone being killed, but the after effects of it being done. This again added to the nervous tension of the film.

So, in the film the three girls are going to have a Halloween get together, just the three of them for a girls night, however a creepy looking dude has other ideas for them

Now i am not sure if the creepy killer in here has a name but trust me it is enough to keep you awake at night. It is an original character that i love in indie films. it’s good to see a new and unique killer character around.

I am going to just let you watch the anthology yourself because it is one of those films you need to see with your own eyes!

This won awards and i can see why!

Sweet Nightmares!