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Francis Makes a Friend -Review 2019

Director : Jake Braden and Logan Wood
Writer: Jake Braden and Logan Wood
Producer: Rachael Timmins, Jake Braden and Logan Wood.
Cast : Tristan Szucs, Jake Braden, Mason Sheaves, Jennifer Desaulniers, Abdulla Damen and Klaudia Landicho.

Synopsis :
A college Freshman goes to a dinner party to meet some new friends.


Picture this, so you are sitting there with your mates, having a drink and trying to decide what horror to watch. One of your mates suddenly pipes up “Dudes you HAVE to watch this one short that you are gonna love”.

I can say without a doubt, that is what is going to happen up and down the UK once this little gem has been official released. I sat there watching it, then whispered “What the hell did i just watch?”.. Then i watched it again because it is bloody brilliant!.

So we have this shy socially awkward guy called Francis who has been invited to a friends dinner party. Very quiet and closed off, unlike the rest of the characters who are brilliantly out there.

Each scene is done in phases. The introduction scene is where we meet the rest of the characters. As we move into the Dinner phase, Francis starts acting a little awkward as he eats (Seeing part of his food move, What percentage of alcohol does his drink have?!?!) or is there more to Francis that we don’t know about.

courtesy of Jake Braden

The phase that will have everyone going wild for and what will certainly turn this into a cult short is the Puppet Show phase. The writers need their hands shaken vigorously for this scene. Never in all the 9 years of reviewing films have i ever seen a puppet show in a short… The originality really stands out. Big shout outs to Sheaves and Desaulniers for making it hilarious yet creepy at the same time.

Courtesy of Jake Braden

Phase four is Games, this scene shows the characters personalities again, yet Francis still sits there awkwardly bless him. He attempts to leave but Alex persuades him to stay.

Phase Five now becomes a Dare Wheel game scene. The dares are certainly what you would want to see in a horror short. Francis has a dare to do but really doesn’t want to, but considering he hasn’t done a dare he decides to take a losers shot, or as they call them spirit quests.

JUST WHEN YOU THINK THIS CAN’T GET ANYMORE AWESOME, we meet the new friend to Francis, (Or at least it offers to be) . Things get pretty gruesome as the friends start doing macabre things to themselves (Or do they?) and the scene imitates someone losing their mind. I would like to point out his ‘Friend’ is the most terrifying thing you will see in this short. I may have nightmares….no seriously!

I will leave the ending so you will have to hunt this short down and watch it. The characters have been cast brilliantly and each scene has been shot with such great effects, it really messes with your mind.

If this doesn’t win any awards i will not be happy!

Go watch this little gem when you can, you will not be disappointed!

Payten Autumn