Doggy See Evil – Short Horror Review

Written : Robyn August
Directed : Robyn August
Cast : Jennifer Willens and Siriacha

Synopsis : Dogs can see what we can’t


I have two things to say to, firstly if you want to be scared out of your wits in 1 minute 48, then you need to watch this. I literally had palpitations watching this one, and i don’t get scared that easily. Secondly, i am completely in love with Siriacha the dog…the dog needs to become a star!

This was made for the #MyAnnabelleCreation contest and was the winner of the Best Micro Short Hollywood Horrorfest 2018 and i can see why.

This is a simple setting, a woman at home late at night with her dog, the dog isn’t happy and keeps growling, We soon find out what it is.

I love the special effects used in August’s films and i have watched the two shorts he sent over to us over and over again. I can’t get enough of them


Doggy See Evil YouTube

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