Desert Moon- Filming Soon!!

courtesy of Desert Moon/ Thomas Haley

H2 CREW to Unleash a Terrifying BEAST

Lestat Horror received some exciting news this week. It has been said that Independent horror producer/director Thomas Haley has announced, to everyone’s surprise, late last week his first directorial feature in the horror genre. …… A FEATURE!!! Can you all just imagine how awesome this is going to be? We are so impatient here, that we will be pacing the room and checking the site for more announcements as it happens.

Courtesy of Desert Moon/Thomas Haley

Anyway where were we..

It is filled with a killer cast mixed of Indie Horror’s veterans and up and comings.

Desert Moon written by Joe Knetter (Terror Overload) and story by Thomas Haley, will begin filming early May with a release date at the end of 2019!

The cast stars Sarah French (Art of the Dead, Root Wood) as Lizzy

Courtesy of Desert Moon/Thomas Haley

Jennifer Nangle (Malvolia- The Queen Of Screams, Irrational Fear) as Alicia

Courtesy of Desert Moon/Thomas Haley

Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street, If Looks Could kill) as Sheriff Del

Courtesy of Desert Moon/Thomas Haley

Thomas Haley ( Lillith, The Crossing) will be playing Bruce

What we know about the plot so far is that Bruce and Alicia are on a camping trip, celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary. While there they meet lone traveller, Lizzy, in a town where Sheriff Del is in charge.
However, the movie poster gives us a terrorising hint that a werewolf type beast will be causing some mayhem.

Interestingly on the production side Vincent J Guastini (The Last of the Mohicans, Dark Tapes) will be creating the special effects. Also Adam Beck (Camp Twilight,Booze,Broads and BlackJack) is the cinematographer,shooting on RED’s Helium in beautiful 8K.

We can’t wait for this and we wish Thomas Haley and all the cast and crew all the best for a great shoot.

Here are the links to find out more.

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