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Mannequin-Horror Short Review 13/02/2019

Original Idea by David Teixeira and Lea N’KaouaWritten by David TeixeiraDirected by David Teixeira Cast: Lea N’Kaoua Synopsis : Barbara is going to visit her niece for her birthday but she didn’t find time to buy her a present. Her sister Julia found the perfect present and she bought it for her: a mannequin doll.

That Night – Exclusive Review 2019

I have had the privilege of an exclusive screener for ‘That Night‘ by Jenn Nangle . Normally this is where i would write my review, throw a load of stills up and tell you to watch it when it comes out. With this i felt i couldn’t, If i did, it wouldn’t do it justice. You

That Night – Trailer and News

One to watch out for in 2019 This little beauty from Jenn Nangle is something i have been impatiently waiting for since Jenn allowed me to proofread her script. Reading it i was blown away, knowing full well she was certainly on to a winner with it. What i love is this horror is more