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Slash – Short Horror Review 2018

Written: Wesley Mellott Directed: Wesley Mellott Cast: Chloe Carroll, Micheal Mowen, Lauren Lavera, Andrea Canonico, Buddy Caine  Synopsis : Sydney thinks she knows how she’d react in a slasher film until one night… Review: This comes from makers ‘Fear Crypt’ who have been on the lips of quite a few people lately and i can assure you […]

Stay Quiet – Short Horror Review 2018

Writer: Chloe Carroll Director: Chloe Carroll  Cast: Gabriella Piazza, Jacob Pressley, Stephanie Morgan Synopsis: When an intruder who seems very distressed by loud noises walks into Lynn’s house, screaming for help is not an option. Review: Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror, i believe i have found another firm favourite of mine in the scary psycho stakes […]

72 – Horror Short Review 2018

Director : Brandon Tanczak Writer : Brandon Tanczak Cast : Brady Hatin, Alexis Howland, Kelly Carlson, Kevin Simpson Synopsis : Follow James as he goes through the zombie apocalypse Review: This is a video diary of a man called James (Hatin) , who is going through the zombie apocalypse while trying to survive. I liked […]

The Only Thing I Love More Than You Is Ranch Dressing – Short Horror Review 2018

Written : Sydney Clara Brafman Director : Sydney Clara Brafman Cast : Madison McGhee and James Soller  Synopsis :  Fancy going to a bar for a bite to eat? Just make sure your fingers aren’t on the course  Review  As you all know, i had the pleasure of being one of the judges in the […]

The Crossing – Short Horror Review 2018

Br   Writer :Thomas Haley Director : Thomas Haley Producer : Thomas Haley and Alex T Hwang Cast : Brooklyn Haley, Victoria De Mare, Charles Chudabala, Felissa Rose, Lara Jean, Kevin Caliber, Al Burke, Alex T Hwang, Patricia Esquerra, Bill Williams and Thomas Haley   Synopsis The Urban Legend of a killer bride who takes […]

Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 – Review 2018

    Writer : Jenn Nangle Director : Jenn Nangle  Cast : Jenn Nangle, James Craigmiles, Nikki VizCaino   The Queen of Screams has gotten loose and when her car ‘Breaks down’, she finds another victim to feast upon. We all love Malvolia (Even if she does terrify us at times) and what she serves […]

The Crows of Culver – Short Horror Review 2018

  Writer : Robert Krisch Director : Robert Krisch Cast : Sadie Krisch, Robert Krisch, Lauren Krisch and Max Krisch with Lisa Marie Desai, Bradley Warden Synopsis: The Crows of Culver chronicles the final year in the lives of the Turner family – carnival rides, rock collecting, trick or treating, & demonic possession. Review : I […]

Skin Baby – Horror Short Review 2018

  Written and Directed by Ken Cohen Director of Photography: John Johnson Cast: Phyllis Jackson, Haydn Haring, Michael James Daly Sound Recordist: Scott Johnson Sound Editor: Vinny Alfano Music by: Lauds Synopsis: A tattoo helps Rosie cope with a terrible loss, but after it comes to life, her mental state takes a turn for the worse. […]

OUROBOROS – Horror Short Review 2018

  Written: David Teixeira Original idea : David Teixeira and Lea N’Kaoua Directed : David Teixeira Cast : Lea N’Kaoua as Girl/Monster   Synopsis : A girl keeps having the same dream where she hurts herself on a finger, finds an abandoned castle and goes inside. One day she wakes up and she decides to visit the […]

Girls Night Anthology – Review 2018

  Writer : David Teixeira Director : David Teixeira Cast : Alice Nazare, Liliana Garcia, Marina De Sousa, Vincent Conty   Synopsis :  A girls night goes wrong when they decide to discuss urban legends, yet get something far worse instead. Review: This is the first time Lestat Horror has had the privilege of reviewing […]