Candle Cove (2018) CreepyPasta Horror Short Review


Director : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Writer : Andrew J.D Robinson
Cast :  Anne-Carolyne Binette  and Tristan McIntosh
Produced by :  WORKOBEY Films.


I wanted to put up a synopsis for you all, but as i am still in utter shock, i will just let you watch it further on down in this review post and you can see for yourself.

Now, whenever Andrew J.D Robinson tells me he has a new horror short screener for my consideration, i never turn him down. As everyone knows i am a huge fan of his work, and love the 15 Second Horror Film competition and website he runs.

This horror short i sat down to watch knowing it would be a bloody good one, What i didn’t expect is that in just 1 minute 58 seconds, Andrew not only scared the hell out of me with this thing, but it scared me to the point of feeling sick!.

Let me explain….

I love CreepyPasta but had never heard of the story involving the  kids tv series called  Candle Cove.  So before watching the short, i decided to research this even more. Apparently, back in the 70’s there was this kids tv show called Candle Cove  (Thankfully it never aired in the UK)

This program aired on a local station in a very small town somewhere in  America. The show had  scary skeletons and dolls and a messed up pirate as the host. I can only imagine that  every child who watched it was completely terrified. Some people still have nightmares about it to this day. Especially one episode in particular which ended with all the characters screaming.

In 2009 Someone decided to talk about in on an internet forum. Other members said they remembered it too and that it freaked them out as kids. One member describe a very horrific ‘Last episode’ and a discussion he had with his mother when he became an adult :

” mike_painter65
Subject: Re: Candle Cove local kid’s show?
i visited my mom today at the nursing home. i asked her about when i was little in the early 70s, when i was 8 or 9 and if she remembered a kid’s show, candle cove. she said she was surprised i could remember that and i asked why, and she said “because i used to think it was so strange that you said ‘i’m gonna go watch candle cove now mom’ and then you would tune the tv to static and juts watch dead air for 30 minutes. you had a big imagination with your little pirate show.”


Andrew J.D Robinson has decided to scare us all with his version on what happened when two adults find an old box of their childhood things and see that there are loads of videos with Candle Cove recorded. They decide to watch but find it must not have taped as they can only see static. However they try the ‘Last Episode’ tape and even though that is static, they can hear screaming in the background of it. they then realise there were no puppets ever on the tapes.

This in itself is scary, but Andrew decided to put Punch and Judy shot in black and white at the beginning and ending of the film. The actors are amazing in this, but then Andrew only picks the best for his projects  Put that with the music and Screaming-Static and it may just give you nightmares for weeks

Guess what…..

Here is Andrew J.D Robinson’s Candle Cove short….. Sleep tight

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