Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Lestat Horror

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Lestat Horror was founded in 2010 by Payten Autumn. A Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, and Horror author. She knows there is a story to be found everywhere and believes that stories and film can connect people.

She writes content and articles for other websites but her focus is on  Lestat Horror, where  reviews  are written for indie horrors.

Based in the South of England, where any day of the week you can find her researching and writing for her own projects,finding a new adventure or experimenting with new horror ideas..

She started out as a journalist and  reviewer for many different sites, until deciding  to follow her dream of writing in the film industry.

Before starting out and also starting the Lestat Horror brand, she studied with Raindance.

She is a member  of the London Horror Society

We are also happy to announce that we now have Abbie on board who will focus on Lestat Horror Productions coming 2019.