Thu. May 6th, 2021

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A Walk Home Alone (2017) – Review

Director : Andrew J.D.Robinson
Writer : Andrew J.D. Robinson

Cast : Maura Stephens, Patrick Sutters, Jurgen Vollrath, and Jenn Nangle

Synopsis : Recent cases of missing women have something in common

Review :

This is another short we featured in our reviews before, and again wanted to make sure it was back on here… plus it gave me the chance to watch it again.

Like the first time i watched this, it pulled me in. Although this is about a killer, ( Vollrath, Who i may add, pulls off being creepy perfectly) there is a sub plot going on which is a clever idea. This is what also introduced me to the talent of Stephens.

Robinson has a way of writing believable characters, and in the first minute, has you having empathy for the woman. Yes i was shouting at the screen.

Shot in black and white and with a great film score, it is one to remember. I love the eerie feeling the camera shot of the hall gives you, it’s simple techniques like this that can really add to the short.

Robinson uses just one or two characters in his shorts, with added voice off screen. I love this because it can really bring the plot to life, i do this in my own films also so know the different effects it can give you.

I watched this at Midnight with the lights off , i think i may be looking over my shoulder walking at night in the future.

Reviewer : Payten Autumn